Pharmacological Research Center of Medicinal Plants



MUMS PharmacologicalResearchCenter ofMedicinalPlants


Research fields:

  • Preparation of herbal products including various types of solvent extract: water, alcohol, and chloroform... Different ways, including soxhlet, potion and ...
    Solvent removal process and different vacuum conditions and appropriate and desired temperatures

  • Preparation of various factions to suit the type of plant material

  • Pharmacological effects of plant extracts and various factions in the field of behavioral studies, analgesic effects, and sleep technology...




Pharmacological Research Center for Medicinal plants was established in January 2004 and was approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

The center was assessed in 2005 and won third place in the country.


  • Pharmacological effects of herbal and pharmaceutical products in tissues isolated animal organs in the environment, including Beth isolated heart, isolated atrium, isolated intestine, trachea and vessels.

  • Effects of pharmacological products and drugs in the living animal in the cardiovascular, respiratory, and kidney...

  • Pharmacological effects of herbal drugs on cellular processes - a molecule related to diabetes and isolated Islets of Langerhans, and isolated kidney...

  • Pharmacological studies with cell culture and effects of cytotoxic substances and herbal products

  • Pharmacological studies in various clinical areas in collaboration with clinical colleagues and hospital wards




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