Clinical Research Department

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MUMS Pharmacological Research Center of Medicinal Plants

  Clinical Research Department

Dr. Seyed Hadi Mousavi


Dr. Seyed Hadi Mousavi (MD, PhD)
Assistant Professor

Tel. No.: +98 51 38002258
Fax: +98 51 38828567


  • Communication between basic and clinical science research in the field of medicinal plants

  Ongoing research projects:

  • Effect of saffron on lipid levels and serum antibodies of heat protein 60, 65 and 70 in patients with dyslipidemia. Approved fund country researchers (in collaboration with Cardiovascular Research Center)
  • The effect of hydroalcoholic extract of saffron stigma on quality of life and treatment response in patients with metastatic liver cancer (in collaboration with Cancer Research Center)